Most Common Construction Site Accident Injuries

Construction sites pose a high risk for accidents and serious injuries to employees. Construction site accident injuries can be caused by a variety of reasons, including equipment failure, falls, falling objects, and other unsafe conditions. Construction workers can help to prevent construction site injuries by taking necessary safety precautions. Here are some of the most common construction site injuries:

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Tools, heavy equipment, sharp objects that fall from significant heights can cause head injuries and trauma. Structural collapse can also lead to severe head injuries. Workers must wear hard hats to prevent or reduce the severity of head injuries.

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These injuries often result from falls from ladders, scaffolds, or heights on a building site. Back injuries canhave life-changing effects on a worker. It can lead to disability, spinal cord damage, resulting in partial or complete paralysis, or even brain damage.

Bone Injuries

Bone-crushing and bone-breaking accidents are common on construction sites due to heavy machinery and equipment. Bone injuries can also result from being caught in-between heavy machinery.

Limb Amputations

Misuse of equipment, poorly maintained equipment and sharp tools can cause the loss of a limb—either at the worksite or when saving the victim’s life in surgery.

Burns and Scarring

Workers face the risk of burn injuries when dealing with harsh chemicals, flammable liquids, exposed wires, explosives, etc. Burns can also result from a fire outbreak on the construction site, electrocution or explosions. These injuries lead to permanent disfigurement.

Cuts and Lacerations

Cuts and lacerations result from defective tools, malfunctioning equipment, unsecured machinery, exposed nails, and other on-site hazards. It can lead to severe blood loss or an infection if not treated properly.

Stress Injuries

Stress injuries are caused by repetitive or constant physical movement, such as bending, lifting or moving in ways that can create physical stress. Stress injuries usually occurgradually and can worsen over time.

Heat Stroke

Workers who labor in hot weather or are exposed to the sun for a long time can suffer heat stroke. Heat stroke can be life threatening, it can lead to heart, brain or kidney failure.

Loss of Vision

Workers can suffer vision loss due to flying projectiles, extreme light and chemical exposure.It’s important to wear eyeglasses and face protection when welding, grinding or working with toxic gases and chemicals.

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Loud sounds from heavy machines and equipment can easily damage the eardrum. This can result in immediate or gradual hearing loss. Wearing earplugs at work can help to protect the worker, and prevent hearing loss.

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