Falls from Heights – A Common Construction Site Accident

Falls from heights are a big threat to construction workers. Construction work is one of the few jobs where workers are often outside and up in the air a few hundred feet. It is certainly a dangerous job, but without construction workers, no buildings would exist.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, more than 5000 construction workers die each year because of construction site accidents. Falls from heights are the most frequent on-the-job cause of death for construction workers.

Why Community Service Is Important Essay Falls from heights often result in death, and the height does not play that great of a role. Any blow to the head can cause death. Additional injuries to the body can lead to paralysis or sometimes even death. In fact, most construction workers who die from falls travel 25 feet or less.

Employers are responsible for keeping construction workers safe. This involves making sure all workers have the proper safety equipment, and know how to properly use the equipment. Constructions workers should have access to safety equipment, such as harnesses, safety nets, guardrail systems and warning lines. Workers should also receive training to operate machinery on the site.

If the employer fails to meet of these regulations, and an accident occurs, then it is possible that the employer is negligent. In that case, the injured worker may have a right to file a personal injury claim.

A construction worker may have the right to file a lawsuit against the contractor or site owner following a fall. The worker will have to show that the fall occurred due to negligence by the contractor or site owner.

You could fall from a scaffold, roof, ladder or other elevated location. No matter the location, if you suffer an injury, then you might have a right to request compensation. If you suffer a serious fall on a construction site in White Plains, then you should contact a White Plains construction accident attorney.

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