Ladder Falls Injuries- A White Plains Construction site accident attorney can help you with the claim A Written Statement A construction site is a dangerous place to work. Construction workers are more likely to die or suffer injury on the job than in most other occupations. According to a study of construction site accidents, construction workers have a one in 200 chance of dying on the job – a number that is five times higher than what the government calls a significant risk of death at work.

Ladder falls are a main source of construction site death and injury. The accidents are even higher in residential construction. Phd Thesis On Crisis Management Essay Editing Service Review Residential construction sites pose several risks for many reasons. Misuse of ladders is at the top of the list. During residential construction, workers are more likely to use ladders. In some cases, the ladders may not be in the best condition because of frequent use.

In residential construction, workers often use ladders on sloped roofs and other uneven surfaces that are a few feet in the air. They might also work close to edges of elevated surfaces. The situation becomes even more dangerous if the worker has no safety equipment, such as a harness.

Ladder falls sometimes lead to death. However, the situation is not always that dire. In some cases, a ladder fall might cause no injury or a very serious injury. It depends on the situation and state of the construction site.

If the worker does not die, then they can still suffer life-changing injuries.

Ladder falls on construction sites can result in paralysis, nerve damage, traumatic brain injury, amputation, and broken bones. In a best-case scenario, the worker will sustain minor injuries like bruises and scrapes.

No matter the result, all construction workers should have a safe work environment – or at least as safe as possible. A negligent employer or contractor is sometimes to blame for a construction site accident.

Best Uk Dissertation Com If you suffered injuries from a ladder fall on a construction site in White Plains, then you might have the right to request compensation. The injured person, or a person related to the injured person, can claim compensation with the help of an experienced construction site accident attorney.

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