Crane Accidents Pose a Risk for Construction Workers

Essay On Give Love Get Love A crane is a common piece of construction site equipment. The bigger the job, the more likely a cane is necessary. That is because a crane makes it easy to transport thousands of pounds worth of materials. The downside is that Biology Research Proposal crane accidents can and do happen, so the equipment poses a risk for construction workers.

From Max Weber Essays In Sociology The main risk associated with a crane is that it can easily tip over. If you have ever seen a crane, then you know it is not a small piece of equipment. When a crane is set-up improperly, is carrying an overweight load, or is in operation on unstable ground, it can very easily topple over. Using a crane during windy weather conditions can cause it to tip over as well.

When the crane falls over, it might crush the operator or send them flying from the equipment. Nearby workers can suffer injury as well.
Another possibility is that the crane will collide with another piece of equipment. For a construction site to operate, several pieces of equipment are necessary. You will usually find this equipment sitting around the site, waiting for use. With so much equipment at one location, it is possible for a crane collision to occur.

The main causes of most crane accidents include:

– Overturns
– Collision with other equipment
– Mechanical malfunctions
– Hitting power lines
– Mishaps during lifting Case Study Dissertation

Great Customer Service Essays When a crane accident occurs, nearby workers are more likely to suffer injury – as opposed to the crane operator. Someone such as an ironworker, rigger, carpenter or even non-construction worker on the site is more likely to suffer injury during a crane accident.
Although most crane accidents do no result in death, serious injuries can occur. Crushed legs, broken bones, organ damage, burns and even permanent paralysis can occur following a crane accident. Physical injuries can change a person’s life forever. The injured person may face a lifetime of rehabilitation and long-term care.

If you are hurt in a crane accident through no fault of your own, then you may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.
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