Scaffolding Accidents on Construction Sites

Scaffolding accidents happen quite often on construction sites. A scaffold is a suspended platform that allows workers to reach high areas. Ropes attached to an overhead structure or some other means of support hold the scaffold in place. Custom Christian Book Reports According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 2.3 million construction workers commonly work on scaffolds. Scaffold-related accidents account for more than 60 deaths per-year on construction sites and more than 4,000 injuries.

Most scaffolding accidents occur when the scaffolding supports fail. Scaffolding accidents can also occur when a falling object strikes a worker or the worker trips over an object.

In some cases, the construction site owner or contractor is at fault for the accident. This is usually the case when:

– The construction worker has improper training
– The scaffold installation is improper
– There is no personal fall protection equipment available

The Causes Of Conflict At Work Are Identified Essay Any construction worker who works on a scaffold should understand the hazards associated with the job. The worker should also receive training in how to properly use the scaffold and fall protection equipment.

There are regulations to protect construction workers from scaffolding-related accidents. Many scaffolding-related accidents are preventable by following regulations. If you are hurt in a scaffolding-related accident, then you might have the right to file a claim for compensation.

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