Note: Copies of the full letters are available upon request.

JULY 03, 2017
“Dear Mr. Cooper – Thank you for winning a successful settlement on behalf of my family. Your negotiating skills are second to none! Thank you!”

APRIL 10, 2017
“Thank you for being awesome!!!! N.C.”

JANUARY 22, 2016
“Many thanks for all your help and I am very satisfied with the results. You were just great to work with and, as I said when I was in your office last, I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs your expertise.”

AUGUST 26, 2015
“Again thanks so much. I hope we won’t be in need of your services again; but, it was a pleasure dealing with you. You are really a super mensch. It goes without saying that we would be glad to recommend your firm and vouch for your integrity and great expertise.”

JUNE 30, 2015
“You were phenomenal with our case.”

“You are always so patient in listening to me and my issues.”

. “You really helped me.”

“I refer EVERYONE to you because you are the best.”

JUNE 24, 2015
“Thank you so much … you are the best. I cannot believe that you got me such a great recovery. You guys are great.”

MAY 18, 2015
“Your office is the best. You never gave up on me and you got me the full amount of the policy. Thank you so much.”

February 27, 2015
Billy, you have never let me down. You are always there for me and my family.

February 27, 2015
I have known you for 21 years and you always do what is in my best interest. Your legal advice is the best and I trust and believe you. Thank you.

February 6, 2015
“You explained everything to me so that I could understand the law and what was best for me. You did a great job. Thank you.”

February 6 , 2015
“You have made this process so easy for me … I cannot thank you enough.”

February 6, 2015
“You are the most trustworthy and honest person that I have ever met. I would recommend you as a lawyer to everyone that I know.”

July , 2014
“Providing you best service is our responsibility. Over the years we have been deeply gratified by the letters and e-mails of appreciation received from you for our services. Some of them are here ….”

July , 2014
“You did a beautiful job. You did so much for me. You are beautiful people. Nobody else would handle my case and you did a great job. Thank you.”

July , 2014
“There is only one phrase that summarizes who you are – the greatest.”

July , 2014
“Your voice is the best voice that I can hear … you are a winning combination for success.”

May , 2014
“I think I am going to cry. You have made my day with your kindness.”

April , 2014
“Thank you … I am thankful to have an attorney go out his way to help me get such a great settlement. I want to thank you very much … you always support me and our community so very well.”

April , 2014
“You have given me great assistance. Thank you and bless you.”

September 27, 2013
“Dear Ms. Garcia & Mr. Cooper, Thank you for being so sweet by not taking additional money for my out-of-pocket expenses and for the great job! Bless you!”
“Thank you for what you did for my family. You did a great job and my entire family is so thankful for the work that you did and for the wonderful settlement.”
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“If I would send my own mother to you as a client, you know that I trust you to do a great job for every client that I refer to you.”
Fellow attorney

“His combination of prominence and skill make him the number 1 personal injury attorney in Westchester County – bar none!”

September 26, 2013

“I am proud that I met and have Billy representing me – THE BEST is Billy”

September 23, 2013

“It was my pleasure and honor working with you. You are a true class act.”
Former Supreme Court Justice
November 21, 2010
This is truly a season of thanks for me. I want to express my great appreciation to you and your associate for all your work on my behalf, representing me following my accident on December 24, 2008. As the second anniversary nears, I am reminded of my pain and fear but I am also grateful for my stellar recovery and for those who helped ease it along. From the time I met you in the hospital I felt I could put my trust in you, could rely on you and thus a terrible burden was lifted from my shoulders enabling me to fully concentrate on my recovery. The settlement was more than I ever imagined and for that I am so grateful to you. I am now able to live a more financially stable life, one with more possibilities. I know that, in your words, “sometimes out of a very bad thing, can come a very good thing.” Whatever befalls us in life, with the bad and the good, becomes a part of us and you are definitely a part of the good! Be well and happy holidays to you and your families.
Dear Billy
November 8, 2010
I was fortunate that my friend referred me to you as my lawyer to take on my personal injury case. Naturally, I was eager to see how you would perform in this capacity. My preliminary and post interviews with you resulted in a positive experience for me. Later, I witnessed you in action through how you took command of my case at hand. I saw your organizational skills rise to the surface. You guided me through the step-by-step procedures to follow. Next, I learned how successful you were in negotiating for a fair and just settlement. And finally, the favorable outcome of a win/win situation due to your knowledge, abilities, and skills that were forthcoming. I thank you for your faith in me and for all you did to bring about a final closure to my personal injury case. In gratitude and appreciation .
Dear Billy